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Since 9/11, U.S. policy enforces Islamophobia

Opinion by Nathan Lean, special to CNN (CNN) – The attacks of September 11, 2001, were unthinkable, and are rightfully memorialized with the somber reflection that marks other tragedies of our nation’s past. From the Oval Office that Tuesday evening 12 years ago, President George W. Bush addressed the stricken nation with a message of hope. […]

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Salafis call for Islamic law in Egypt protest

By Ben Wedeman,CNN (CNN) – Thousands of supporters of various Egyptian Salafi groups gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday calling for the immediate implementation of Islamic law. Before midday prayers, speakers called on the government of President Mohamed Morsy to move quickly to implement Sharia. Morsy won the office as the candidate for the [...]

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Muslim campaign looks to repair Sharia’s reputation

By Dan Merica, CNN Washington (CNN) – A major American Muslim group is embarking on a national campaign Friday to clarify a word it says has been given a bad name by recent global and domestic politics: Sharia. The Islamic Circle of North America says its effort is aimed at “educating Americans” on what it [...]

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Poll: Many Americans uncomfortable with Muslims

By Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor Washington (CNN) – Ten years after 9/11, Americans are wrestling with their opinions of Muslims, a new survey found, and where Americans get their TV news is playing a role in those opinions. Nearly half of Americans would be uncomfortable with a woman wearing a burqa, a mosque [...]

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