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Funeral held for snake-handling pastor

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A faithful death: Why a snake handler refused treatment

By Daniel Burke, Belief Blog Co-editor (CNN) – In the close-knit town of Middlesboro, Kentucky, almost everyone knew what was happening inside the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name Church – including Police Chief Jeff Sharpe. Despite a Kentucky law that prohibits snake-handling at religious events, Sharpe said he “made a decision not to involve this […]

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Believers in bling: Behold, the prosperity ‘Preachers of L.A.’

Opinion by Kate Bowler, Special to CNN (CNN) – Money. Women. Fame. Church. That’s a day in the life of “The Preachers of L.A.,” a new reality show centered on the lives of megachurch pastors of the so-called “prosperity gospel.” The show, which premiers Wednesday night on the Oxygen Network, is a chaotic mix of […]

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Former staffer: Measles church counseled faith, not shots

By Daniel Burke, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor (CNN) – When Amy Arden joined Eagle Mountain International Church in 1997, her 11-month-old daughter had received all the recommended vaccinations, Arden says. Her child didn’t get another shot until Arden left the church in 2003. “There was a belief permeating throughout the church that there is only […]

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Demon Dialogues

A conversation about the spirit world between a Pentecostal mother and her secular daughter.

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Charismatic movement growing quickly worldwide

By Stacey Samuel, CNN Laurel, Maryland (CNN) – At the end of a row of neatly arranged banquet chairs, Sandra Ashford sat reverently, still in awe of what she says is her mother’s miraculous recovery from cervical spinal stenosis. “If it wasn’t my mother,” Ashford said, “I wouldn’t believe it." She explained how after a [...]

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