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Evangelical Group Makes Major Ad Buy In Support Of Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON — Evangelical Immigration Table, a coalition of evangelical Christian leaders, launched its biggest ad buy yet Tuesday in support of comprehensive immigration reform, spending…

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GOP Leaders Urge Latinos To Ignore ‘Outlier’ On immigration

WASHINGTON — House Republican leaders reassured Latino evangelicals on Wednesday that they are committed to immigration reform and a majority of their conference is, too…

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Evangelical Groups Make Huge Ad Buy On Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON — Evangelical groups launched another ad blitz on Thursday in support of immigration reform. A $250,000 buy will show ads in 13 states through…

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Marco Rubio: I Know How Old The Earth Is

WASHINGTON — Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was widely mocked in November for saying he wasn’t sure of the age of the Earth. On Wednesday, he…

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Muslim Brotherhood Ties Are Unfounded, Say DHS Advisors Accused By Michele Bachmann

WASHINGTON — Huma Abedin is, in some ways, lucky. Although a group of five conservative lawmakers have alleged that she may have connections to the…

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Evangelicals Unite On Immigration Reform Push

WASHINGTON — A number of evangelical leaders announced on Tuesday they will speak to their congregations and to their lawmakers in a push to convince…

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Congresswoman Visits Church Serving As Sanctuary For Immigrants

Three men who fled persecution in their native Indonesia are now living in a New Jersey church to avoid deportation, as its pastor and members…

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Mike Huckabee CPAC Speech: ‘We Are All Catholics Now’

WASHINGTON — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee thanked the president on Friday for his recent ruling on contraception, saying it united the party behind a…

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