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Dalai Lama On Hollywood: It’s Bad For My Eyes And A Waste Of Time

It’s safe to say that His Holiness the Dalai Lama will not be tuning in to the Academy Awards this Sunday.

In a live-broadcast interview with HuffPost Live’s Willow Bay Tuesday, the Buddhist leader made it very clear that he was not a fan of Hollywoo…

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Should LA County’s Seal Depict The Cross?

Almost a decade after the threat of a lawsuit prompted the costly removal of a cross from the Los Angeles County seal, conservative members of the Board of Supervisors are pushing to bring back the religious icon.
Supervisors Michael D. Antonovich and …

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Catholic Church Files From Archdiocese Of Los Angeles Reveal Priests’ Child, Sex Abuse, Vehicular Manslaughter

One priest admitted to fathering a daughter, while another was hustled off to a treatment center after confessing to having sex with a teenage boy.
Yet another reportedly failed a lie-detector test when he was asked about sexual misdeeds with male stud…

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Rev. Carlos Rodriguez’s Chilling Letters Detail Molestation, Church’s Cover Up

LOS ANGELES — The orders the Rev. Carlos Rodriguez got from his religious superiors after he confessed to molesting a 16-year-old boy just hours before were swift and decisive: Leave immediately. Check into a motel. Don’t tell anyone where you ar…

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WATCH: An Amazing Discovery 65 Years Later

Millions of devout believers open their Bible every day hoping to get some divine inspiration or read a special message intended just for them. But…

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NSFW: Two Jewish Gangstas Decorate A Hanukkah Bush

Our favorite Jewish gangsters (sorry, Mickey Cohen) are back! In the second episode of "Bubala Please," Jaquann and Luis go on the hunt for a…

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WATCH: Boy Gives Bar Mitzvah Money Away For Amazing Cause

In a generous display of maturity and compassion, one Jewish boy made his first deed as a man in his faith a great act of…

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Rob Bell Is Back

After its release in 2011, Rob Bell’s book "Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, And The Fate Of Every Person Who Ever Lived" made…

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‘It’s The Black Version Of Christmas’

If nothing else, this video is a testament to the diversity and good will of the people in Los Angeles. Over the weekend, Jimmy Kimmel…

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