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‘Covenant’ To Unite Anglican Communion Appears Dead

By Al Webb and Kevin Eckstrom Religion News Service LONDON (RNS) A proposed "Covenant" aimed at ensuring unity across the worldwide Anglican Communion appears to…

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Pope extols Christ, not politics, at Cuba Mass

From Mariano Castillo and David Ariosto, CNN Havana, Cuba (CNN) – Pope Benedict XVI spoke in general terms, saying "Cuba and the world need change," but steered clear of political statements during a Mass he celebrated in Havana's Revolution Plaza on Wednesday. The pope said that such change can come only if "each one is [...]

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Russia: "They broke the law and have to answer before the courts"

Fifteen named Jehovah’s Witnesses and “unidentified” others in the southern Russian town of Taganrog are being investigated in two criminal cases on “extremism”-related charges carrying prison terms of up to three years, according to case documents see…

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PHOTOS: Pope Draws Huge Crowd In Havana, Urges Freedoms For Church

* Speaks in square where Fidel Castro made political speeches * Pope says both Cuba and the world need change (Adds color, more quotes from…

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Man’s Tweets About Mohammad Cause Controversy

A man was arrested in Kuwait Tuesday for allegedly Tweeting negative remarks regarding the Prophet Muhammad. The man, identified as Hamad Al-Naqi by the Kuwait…

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Amish Buggy Legislation Wins Final Passage In Kentucky

The Associated Press FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – One vote remains before lawmakers allow the Amish to forgo a longstanding traffic safety measure in the name…

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Was Jesus’ Resurrection Real?

The Shroud of Turin was really the burial cloth of Christ, and it was responsible for making the Apostles believe Christ had risen from the…

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Native American Inmates Challenge Prison Tobacco Ban

The Associated Press SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – A Lakota traditional healer is arguing that tobacco is an integral part of Native American religious ceremonies…

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Seminary is Cuba’s first Catholic building since revolution

By Patrick Oppmann, CNN Havana, Cuba (CNN) – Driving out of Havana on the four-lane and mostly empty Carretera Central, it’s easy to miss the future of the Catholic Church in Cuba. But on the left hand side of the highway is the San Carlos and Ambrosio Seminary, looking more like one of the many [...]

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Pope Set To Meet Fidel

HAVANA, Cuba — Pope Benedict XVI wraps up his visit to Cuba on Wednesday with an open-air Mass in the shrine of the Cuban revolution,…

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‘The Master’ Scheduled For Oct. 12; Philip Seymour Hoffman Enters Oscar Derby

The 2012 Oscar season just got a little bit more Philip Seymour Hoffman. The three-time nominee — who won Best Actor in 2006 for his…

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