Two Human Fetuses Found In Luggage At MIA

Customs agents at Miami International Airport discovered a pair of human fetuses in the luggage of two women returning home from Cuba in January, as first reported by El Nuevo Herald.

One fetus was found when a sealed jar carried by the women was X-rayed; the second was discovered when U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents opened the jar.

According to the Associated Press, a medical examiner determined the male and female fetuses were still born at about 20 weeks, and no foul play is suspected.

The women told authorities that they were given the jar by a Santeria priest in Havana and asked to deliver it to someone in Miami without being told of its contents, according to El Nuevo Herald.

[Click here to read more about the bizarre find, which happened during the filming of a reality show at the airport. ]

No charges were filed in the case, which is the latest in a string of Santeria-related stories in Miami. In November, two North Miami Beach Police employees were fired over an alleged plot to curse the city manager with birdseed, a current infestation of more than 33,000 Giant African Land Snails is suspected to have begun with snails brought into the country for Santeria purposes, and cemetery employees blame the February desecration of infant graves entirely on the religion, which boasts West African and Caribbean origins but bears heavy Roman Catholic influence.

Two fetuses in a jar aren't the only strange things found at Miami International Airport, either, though they may be the most gruesome. A British teen was sentenced to nearly a year in prison earlier this month after police found cocaine hidden in 24 boxes of cake mix she carried into the U.S. from Jamaica.

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