Religion, gas prices, and beating Obama on the minds of Alabama

By Paul Steinhauser, CNN

Gardendale, Alabama (CNN) - Faith, gas prices, and electability. Those are three of the issues very much on the minds of some voters in this town about ten miles north of Birmingham.

"Evangelical issues, social issues, were most important to us, but also beating Obama, that definitely matters as well," Alan and Kim Jerkins told CNN, as they left a polling station at the Gardendale Civic Center. The married couple had just voted in the state's Republican presidential primary. They said they cast ballots for former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, who has strong support with many social conservative voters.

"Everybody's got baggage," said Teresa McGovern, who added that what mattered most to her was "the religious aspect of it as well, who feels one way or another about God, because that is important. A man is guided by his moral beliefs. I don't care what he says politically, morally he'll come through. So when i looked at that I ultimately had to go with who would get the job done, who had enough moxie to stand up."

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