Baby Skulls Being Stolen For Santeria?

As first reported by WSVN7, bodies at Miami cemetery Lincoln Memorial Park have been robbed and disturbed for what it believed to be Santeria rituals.

Miami-Dade Police said suspects broke open several graves and removed the remains, according to an incident report.

Police reported they saw bones sitting next to open graves. A forensic examiner collected the remains for further investigation.

Elyn Johnson, Lincoln Memorial Park's manager, confirmed that seven graves had been disturbed, 4 of which were baby coffins.
Most of the grave sites were for those buried in the 1970s, Johnson said.

When HuffPost Miami asked Johnson who she thought was behind these disturbances, she quickly answered, "Santeria. We don't think; we know."

Johnson said a nearby cemetery, Evergreen Memorial Park, experienced similar disturbances. "Now they're coming in here trying to desecrate this one."

WSVN7 reported that at one of the grave sites, a baby's skull had been removed.

Dr. Albert Wuaku, who teaches the Rasta, Vodou, Santeria: Afro-Caribbean Spiritualities class at Florida International University, told WSVN7 that human bones are needed to "protect their klans against evil forces."

Johnson confirmed that at another, a dead chicken was set in place of the remains.

Johnson told HuffPost Miami that those behind these grave disturbances also left food around the cemetery as well as broke into the office. They stole money and equipment, according to Johnson.

Johnson, who told the Miami Herald that she mortgaged her own home to save the cemetery, is frustrated by the lack of help from the city.

"The police ain't doing nothing. At first, they said it was a misdemeanor. Then we come to find out its felony," she told HuffPost Miami. "Some of the family members have been calling and getting on them about it."

Johnson said that in her 20 years managing Lincoln Memorial Park, she's never seen anything like this.

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