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St. Louis Church Channels Anger Over Pujols For Good

By Tim Townsend St. Louis Post-Dispatch ST. LOUIS (RNS) As members of The Gathering began to hear of the gnashing of teeth and rending of…

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Greendale School District Pulls Hindu Song From Holiday Concert After Parent Complains

The Greendale School District removed a popular Hindu devotional song after a parent complained about religious lyrics in the song. Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, which…

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New Hampshire’s Gay Bishop On Rick Perry’s ‘Strong’ Ad

Rick Perry would be pathetic, if he weren’t so infuriating. In an effort to revive a sinking political campaign, Gov. Perry has reached a new…

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Does Dutch Slaughter Ban Violate Religious Rights?

AMSTERDAM — Political support for a proposed ban on slaughtering animals without stunning them first appeared to crumble Tuesday as the Dutch senate debated legislation…

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Commercial or communal: Why is outsourcing taboo for churches and pharmaceutical companies?

Consumers hold churches and pharmaceutical companies to different moral standards than other organizations, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research.

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Denver Says No To Evergreen Menorah Display

A rabbi in Evergreen who has been able to display a menorah in front of a community building for almost six years, is no longer…

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Florida Family Association A "Fringe Hate Group"?

TAMPA, Fla. — The conservative group that got Lowe’s to pull its ads from a reality TV show about American Muslims has been fighting for…

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Bush aide finds forgiveness and a second career

By Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor Washington (CNN)– Tim Goeglein never expected to see the president again, let alone get called into the Oval Office, because he committed the ultimate Washington sin – he betrayed the boss. "The leader of the free world has lots of people to see, he has lots of things [...]

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Perry Ad Becomes Unintended Sensation

NEW YORK — Maybe Rick Perry should have worn a different jacket. The Republican presidential hopeful’s new campaign ad, "Strong," has become a viral video…

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Gingrich promises ‘personal fidelity’ in pledge

By Kevin Liptak, CNN (CNN) – Newt Gingrich stepped up his efforts to appeal to evangelical Christian voters in Iowa Monday by promising in writing to "defend and strengthen the family." Gingrich, who has been married three times, specifically said he would "uphold the institution of marriage through personal fidelity to my spouse and respect [...]

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Kazakhstan: Three fines, a 48-hour jail term, and a deportation

In Kazakhstan a Baptist was imprisoned for 48 hours in early December for refusing to pay fines imposed for leading meetings for religious worship, another Baptist having been separately fined for attending a meeting for worship, with a third facing a …

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Police raid in Pakistan finds chained students at religious school

By Aliza Kassim, CNN (CNN) – Police in Pakistan raided an Islamic religious school Monday and found 50 students chained to one another and being held in an underground room. Video footage from the madrassa showed young men and boys – some appearing to be as young as 8 years old – with heavy chains [...]

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Sandusky’s pastor stands by him through sex abuse crisis

By Dana Garrett, CNN State College, Pennsylvania (CNN)– As former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky faces his accusers on Wednesday for the first time since he was indicted on child sex abuse charges, his pastor of 20 years says he will be there at the courthouse. Senior Pastor Edwin Zeiders of St. Paul's Methodist Church [...]

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Walkway to sensitive religious sites in Jerusalem is closed

By Michal Zippori and Kevin Flower, CNN Jerusalem (CNN)–A pedestrian walkway that leads to a religious site sacred both to Jews and Muslims has been closed under an order from the Jerusalem municipality, according to city officials. The wooden ramp that leads to the Mughrabi gate serves as the sole entrance for Jews and foreign [...]

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