The Obamas walk to church, reverend preaches understanding expectations

Washington (CNN) – On a cold, brisk day in Washington, DC, the president and his family walked across Lafayette Park to attended services at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

According to a pool report, Reverend Luis Leon’s sermon was about John the Baptist heralding Jesus as the real god. Leon went on to discuss how John the Baptist’s heralding did not first go as expected but that it was a good thing because it taught people to accept reality.

Rev. Leon also mentioned the president in his sermon. Playing off John the Baptist, the reverend discussed the expectations people had of Obama at first. Many people, he said, unfairly expected a messiah to cure all America’s problems, but that now it is becoming apparent it’s not that easy.

"This is not a political diatribe by the way,” Rev. Leon said. “It's simply stating the obvious.”

Just after noon, the first family took communion with other worshipers and then walked back to the White House.

Presidents have become regulars at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Founded in 1815, every president since James Madison has attended a service there.

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