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Pamela Anderson Plays The Virgin Mary

"Baywatch" babe Pamela Anderson’s turn as the Virgin Mary, which was expected to shock an audience of Canadian viewers during a recent Christmas special, ended…

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Dress Code Crackdown?

In October, the New York Times published a fashion article entitled, "Young Mormons Find Ways to Be Hip." In it, Mormon twenty-somethings talked about how…

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Bearded Rabbi Wins Federal Lawsuit, Will Join The Army In Miami Friday

Thanks in part to help from a local organization that assists Jewish military personnel and their families, a bearded Rabbi will finally be sworn into…

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New Perry ad derides Obama’s ‘war on religion’

(CNN) – Rick Perry says that if he's elected president, he'll end what he calls President Barack Obama's "war on religion." Perry makes the comments in a new TV commercial that's sure to create controversy. "I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Christian, but you don't need to be in the pew every Sunday [...]

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Islamic phone features 29 Quran translations; points to Mecca

By Moni Basu, CNN Nwe Delhi (CNN) – What could possibly be more popular than the latest iPhone? An Indian company is hoping that among India's Muslims, it will be the new Quran mobile, a smartphone loaded with Islamic features. The new ENMAC Quran MQ3500 phone, launched last month in India, comes with Islam's holy [...]

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Cops: Bible Camp Teacher Had Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy

Police in Louisiana arrested a 28-year-old woman who they say had sex with a young teenage boy on multiple occasions after meeting at a summer…

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Perry Goes After Obama Over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry pledges to end "[President Barack] Obama’s war on religion" in a new television ad airing in Iowa, railing against open…

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Now On Twitter: Joseph Von Nazareth

There might not be room at the inn, but you can always squeeze 140 characters onto Twitter. Joseph of Nazareth, aka Joseph von Nazareth because…

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Jerusalem’s Mysterious Xs Baffle Archeologists

JERUSALEM — Mysterious stone carvings made thousands of years ago and recently uncovered in an excavation underneath Jerusalem have archaeologists stumped. Israeli diggers who uncovered…

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GOP Candidates Participate In Key Forum

– Nearly all the Republicans running for the party’s presidential nomination are in Washington to speak at a forum sponsored by the Republican Jewish…

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Australian man faces 500 lashes in Saudi Arabia for blasphemy

By Brian Walker, CNN (CNN) – Australia appealed for leniency after its citizen was sentenced Wednesday to 500 lashes and a year in prison by a Saudi Arabian court. Mansor Almaribe, 45, was found guilty of blasphemy after he was arrested last month in Medina while on a pilgrimage, Australian officials said. It's unclear what [...]

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Study: Some atheists with children attend with religious services

By Dan Merica, CNN Washington (CNN) – Nearly one in five atheist scientists with children involve their families with religious institutions, even if they personally do not agree with the institutions teachings, a recent study says. The study, conducted by Rice University and the University at Buffalo, found that these scientists affiliate with churches for [...]

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