Attack on shrine signals new nexus of Afghan strife

By Tim Lister, CNN

Editor's note: Tim Lister has covered international news for 25 years as a producer and reporter for the BBC and CNN. He has lived and worked in the Middle East, and has also worked in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In 2004, he produced the award-winning documentary "Between Hope and Fear: Journeys in the New Iraq" for CNN. He is now an independent writer and producer.

(CNN) – The deadly attack in Kabul on Shi'ite worshippers celebrating the feast of Ashura adds one more layer to the country's overlapping security crises. And they evoke violent sectarian rivalries in Iraq and Pakistan, where animosity between Sunni and Shia runs deep. Afghanistan has its own cultural rifts - between ethnic Pashtun and Tajik, for example - but it's rare to see such an explosion of religiously motivated violence.

Kate Clark, with the Afghan Analysts Network in Kabul, described the attack as "a real shock."

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